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Company registration in UAE is a profitable business offer

Company registration in UAE has a lot of benefits, among which the main ones are: 

  • low tax jurisdiction
  • 100% foreign ownership
  • company incorporation from 1800 EUR 
  • company incorporation from 1 day 
  • ease of doing business (UAE is among top 20 of Doing Business 200) 
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* The information about beneficiaries and directors in the UAE is closed, subject to a registration of the company in Free Zones!

The list of Free Zones of the United Arab Emirates can be viewed in the Comparative table of Free Zones in the UAE.

The UAE is one of the largest economic centers in the Middle East. This economic zone consists of 7 emirates. The UAE is characterized by a political stability, a security and a financial activity. This zone is considered one of the fastest growing in the world regarding to the business activity. By the way, to set up companies in the UAE implies many investment opportunities, as government bodies provide comprehensive assistance to the development of local business. You can also obtain a company in the United Arab Emirates in special FZ.

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Today, more than half of the revenues come from the oil sector of the economy, and it is 69%. In second place are companies, whose activities are related to the banking sector of the economy. There are no taxes on income on the territory of this economic zone. Therefore, it is imperative to obtain licenses in UAE. Further, license renewals will cost your company about $5,000 a year.

The total number of Free Zones or Free economic Zones is 46. In the future, it is planned to create new economic FZ.

The specialists of IQ Decision recall the special conditions of the UAE's attractiveness, so that you decide to establish a business in Emirates for residents and for non-residents:

  • The UAE is located at the intersection of the main trade routes of Europe and Asia.
  • Cross-border relations are maintained by 7 modern international airports in the Emirates, as well as equipped seaports for the transportation of any goods.
  • A strong economy of a stateб that has survived the global financial crisis and falling oil prices.
  • Each economic zone in the Emirates is characterized by an independent legislation, prices and conditions for doing business. But all these characteristics provide room for maneuvers.
  • There are areas, in which there are no taxes and customs duties. It is possible to register a company in the UAE remotely.

The main characteristics of the UAE economy are:

  • A loyal tax system;
  • A stable political legislative base;
  • A confidentiality of a financial information;
  • A lack of a currency control;
  • A support for a foreign business by government agencies.
  • The ability to open an offshore company in UAE.

To register a company in the UAE, you must be in the territory for 3 years (this is the legal basis for your location in the UAE). To establish a business in Emirates, gives you the right to obtain a UAE resident visa.

IQ Decision lawyers draw the attention of clients, who want to start a business in the United Arab Emirates, that an application to register a company in FZ of Emirates is filed on the day of contact. To open a bank account in the UAE at a local or foreign bank will take 2 weeks.

The main requirement for the number of company employees is that their number varies from 2 to 50 people. The minimum starting capital is about 300,000 dirhams or about 82,000 US dollars.

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To register an offshore company officially in the UAE, at least 1 shareholder/director is required. The cost of opening a company in the Emirates is $2,000. Share capital is optional.

To establish a company in the UAE, first you need to get a license in the Emirates for your chosen type of activity.

To open an offshore company in the UAE it is allowed to use foreign capital to the full.

For non-residents of the UAE, there are 5 options for a registering a company in the United Arab Emirates, namely:

  • a company operating on an ongoing basis;
  • a branch;
  • an entrepreneurship in the Free Zone;
  • a local company;
  • the company is an intermediary.

You can also buy a company in the UAE remotely with an open bank account. To purchase a ready-made offshore company you need to request for advice with IQ Decision’s lawyers.

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  • Apostilled set of documents

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  • A company registration
  • Set of founding documents
  • Legal address
  • Nominal service
  • Delivery
  • Apostilled set of documents
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