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Registering a company in Ohio (USA) in 2020

The main business advantages of Ohio are:

  • Favorable conditions for starting a business in the field of light and heavy industry, as well as mining;
  • Zero income tax rate;
  • 100% foreign ownership;
  • It is possible to register a company remotely;
  • There are no requirements for the residency of the beneficiaries;
  • Fast registration procedure.

Business registration – from €1,720

Company registration period – from 3 weeks

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America is a good option for starting and running a business. For both novice and more experienced businessmen, we recommend registering a company in Ohio (USA).

A business structure

If you decide to establish a company in the USA (Ohio), then we would like to mention 2 most common types of companies:

  • A corporation;
  • An LLC;
A corporation

Planning to register a corporation in the United States, you should know, that this is a separate organization, which includes: shareholders, directors, officers. The corporation has the right to hire employees, draw up contracts, make decisions regarding loans (take a loan or give it), participate in lawsuits, pay taxes. You also need to understand, that the corporation is created by a group of shareholders. By voting, shareholders elect a board of directors, that controls the corporation and its employees.


If you want to register an LLC in Ohio, then pay attention to the fact, that this is a business, that can be established by one or more legal entities/individuals. This form of business is easy to manage and does not require directors or officers.

To register a company TM in Ohio

An important decision is also the selection and registration of the name of the registered American company. This ensures, that the name is exclusively yours and cannot be used by any other company in Ohio.

Getting EIN

EIN is required for corporations and LLC and is optional for entrepreneurs, who do not have employees. However, if you are an employer and have not received an EIN, you will be forced to use your social security number in many documents, so it is usually recommended obtaining an EIN in the USA to prevent identity theft.

To open a corporate account in Ohio

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To conduct business, you will need to open a corporate account in the United States. Our lawyers will provide assistance in opening an account in America.

As a rule, you will need:
  • your submitted documents;
  • your EIN;
  • the decision of the company, allowing your company to open an account (signed by the owners, officers or directors, etc.).

To obtain a business license in Ohio

After registering a unique name, you need to obtain a license in the USA for your company - this gives your company the right to conduct business in Ohio legally.

A legal aid

Planning to register a company in Ohio, we recommend contacting IQ Decision lawyers. Our specialists will be able to facilitate this process as much as possible and will provide accompanying services for registering a company in the USA remotely and opening a bank account in America.

The information outlined in the article is actual at the time of its publication. Please refer to our specialists for checking possible solutions for your business.


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