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Oregon (USA)

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Support in company registration in Oregon (USA) in 2020

Opening a business in Oregon can be profitable for the following reasons:

  • High level of investment attractiveness;
  • No sales tax;
  • Easy access to the markets of Japan, South Korea and China;
  • A favorable business environment for small and medium enterprises;
  • A relatively fast registration procedure.

Support in company registration  – from €1,200

Approximate terms of company registration – from 18 days

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The most attractive state for registering a company in the United States is Oregon. Oregon located on the Pacific Ocean north of California. You can register two types of companies in this jurisdiction:

  • A Corporation is a traditional American company;
  • A Limited Liabilities Companies (LLC) is the most attractive in terms of taxation;
The main advantages of the state:
  • a stable political system;
  • a developed economy, a modern corporate legislation;
  • the advantageous geographical position (access to the markets of China, Japan, South Korea and other Asian countries);
  • the state is not on the list of offshore jurisdictions;
  • a high level of confidentiality;
  • signed double taxation agreements.

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What are the features of registering Limited Liabilities Companies in Oregon:
  • When choosing a name for a company, please note, that you cannot use identical or existing company names. At the end of the name should be “Limited Liability Company” or the abbreviation “LLC”. It is also forbidden to use such words: “Bank”, “Insurance”, or “Reinsurance”.
  • LLC has no shareholders and can not issue shares. To set up an American company, at least one owner is required (it can be both an individual and a legal entity of any residency). Owners are members.
  • A company secretary is optional.
  • In Oregon, the LLC does not pay either state or federal income tax, subject to the following conditions: the owners of the company are not US citizens or holders of a green card, company profits were made outside the United States, LLC does not accept permanent US citizens
  • A filing state or federal tax returns is optional.
  • The company must maintain financial statements, which should reflect the financial position of the company.
  • Every 12 months (from the moment of registration) an annual report must be submitted.

If you want to register a business in one of the most promising US states, Oregon, we recommend you ordering professional advice on establishing a business in America. Our experts will also provide you with professional advice on obtaining a business license in Oklahoma and in opening an account with a Bank of America.

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