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Cook Islands

In this jurisdiction, we can help you create:

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Registering a company in the Cook Islands in 2020

Key benefits of doing business in this jurisdiction:

  • A legislation provides a high level of confidentiality;
  • It is not permitted to hold annual meetings of shareholders and directors;
  • No requirements for an authorized capital;
  • No transfer pricing and a tax on capital gains.

Support in company registration  - from €2560

Approximate terms of company registration - from 14 days

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In the southern Pacific Ocean are Cook Islands. These islands are in a state free association with New Zealand. A law passed in 1982 on companies in the Islands regulates the activities of offshore corporations. Later, the amendments strengthened their asset protection functions, so it would be a profitable offer for a businessman to open an offshore on Cook Islands.

You can register a company on the Cook Islands as:
  • a Limited Liability Company;
  • an International Trust;
  • a Corporation;
  • a Limited Partnership;
  • an International Fund.
If you decide to open an offshore company on the Cook Islands, check out its features:
  • The company must have a resident secretary;
  • Cook Island State provides the opening a bank account on Cook Islands;
  • At least one shareholder is required;
  • All documents for registering a company on the Cook Islands must be apostilled.

Financial statements and accounts must be provided to the Resident Secretary for keeping company records, as well as copies of all minutes and resolutions of the director. Although the Cook Islands law requires a secretary and requires all annual reports to be submitted to the island registry, this requirement may be waived by company decision.

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Benefits of registering international companies on the Cook Islands:
  • There are no requirements for the authorized capital;
  • Providing a confidentiality to shareholders and directors in connection with the laws of Cook Island;
  • Shareholders and directors may not hold an annual meeting of shareholders.

The Cook Islands government is extremely loyal to offshore companies. Therefore, if you decide to set up a company on the Cook Island, you will receive full company management, no taxation, a confidentiality, and the asset protection. An amount of US $300 must be paid to the Cook Islands registry after confirming the registration of the company.

IQD Consulting competent lawyers will provide you with advice and full support for entrepreneurs, who want to open a company on the Cook Island.

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  • The information outlined in the article is actual at the time of its publication.
  • Please refer to our specialists for checking possible solutions for your business.
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