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Registering a company in the Republic of Mali in 2020

Key benefits of starting a business in Mali:

  • One of the largest exporters of gold in Africa;
  • Full foreign ownership;
  • Availability of free trade zones;
  • Preferential tax treatment;
  • A favorable environment for creating small and medium-sized businesses;
  • No customs duties on imports.

Business registration – from €1 490

Company registration period – from 14 days

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Mali is an independent landlocked state located in West Africa. It is 8th largest country of the African continent.

If you are planning to establish a company in Mali and open a Mali bank account, then note that:
  • The official languages are: French, Bambara;

  • The neighboring countries are: Guinea, Mauritania, Senegal, Algeria, Niger, Burkina Faso and Côte d’Ivoire;

  • The capital of the state is Bamako;

  • West African CFA franc (XOF) is the official currency;

  • The country is a member of the following organizations: African Development Bank, AU, ACP, IDB, Franc zone and many others.

The country is the 3rd largest gold and salt exporter in Africa. Owing to this, it can be profitable to register a mining company in Mali.

You can ask for personal advice on company registration procedure in Mali from IQ Decision.

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Business entity types & taxation system

If you want to start a business in Mali and open a corporate account with a Mali bank, then you can choose one of these legal forms:

  • Tax resident LLC (SARL);
  • PLC (SA);
  • Branch;
  • RO.

In order to register a SARL in Mali (for SME), you must know the following:

  1. Two persons of any nationality;
  2. 100% foreign ownership;
  3. Financial statements (annually): required;
  4. Audit: no requirements;
  5. Terms of registration: 4 weeks.

If you are intended to set up a SA in Mali, then consider the following conditions:

  1. Two persons of any nationality;
  2. 100% foreign ownership;
  3. Financial statements (annually);
  4. Audit is required;
  5. Terms of registration: 6 weeks.

Legal form

Corporate tax


Share capital




11 000 USD




22 000 USD




45 USD





Preparation of documents

Those, who are interested in registering a company in Mali and opening an account for a Mali company, must provide us with the following documents:

  1. Documents of the beneficiary, which confirm the identity and place of residence;
  2. Description of the business;
  3. Business permit;
  4. A certificate of criminal record (2 statements).

Beneficiaries will be given an identification number. In addition, they will be registered with the pension and social funds.

How to open your own business in Mali

In order to avoid any difficulties throughout the registration process, contact IQ Decision. We will help you resolve all issues that arise during the registration process and, if necessary, we can open a corporate account in Mali promptly.

To learn more, you can receive individual advice on business organization process in Mali. Also, IQ Decision lawyers can provide you with legal support services in Mali bank account opening and obtaining a license in Mali.

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