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Support in company registration in Serbia in 2020

The main advantages of this jurisdiction are:

  • Developed economy;
  • Favorable geographical location;
  • No requirements for the residency of founders;
  • Minimum requirements for share capital;
  • Ability to open an account remotely.

Support in company registration  - from 2500 €

Approximate terms of company registration - from 15 days

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Serbia is a republic in southeastern Europe, approximately in the center of the Balkan Peninsula. Serbia is a UN member since 2000 and an EU candidate since 2012. Serbia does not have a membership in the OECD, so the level of confidentiality is respected. Opening a business in Serbia is probably one of the best solutions.

IQD Consulting team offer legal accompanying services for non-residents in registering an LLC company in Serbia. This type of company in Serbia is called DOO - the founders risk only their share in the authorized capital, the minimum amount of which is 1 euro. The documentation for both legal entities and individuals contains standard requirements for foreigners, and most of these firms in this territory.

The second most popular solution is registering the AO company in Serbia, which can be founded by one or a group of legal entities or individuals. Money or material assets are contributed to the authorized share capital. Serbian AO has a full responsibility for its debts and obligations.

It is believed, that opening a company in Serbia is the easiest and fastest way in the form of DOO. The composition of registration activities includes notarial services of a local notary.

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It is impossible to open a company in Serbia without regular reporting. And, if a non-resident receives the income in the country, he is a taxpayer with all consequences. By the way, the corporate tax rate is only 15%. A VAT, dividends, royalties are 20%. If you apply the Agreement to avoid double taxation - the rate, for example, of a dividend tax, will significantly decrease.

The company must have a director (can be a non-resident) and a secretary (can be a legal entity). A prerequisite is also the presence of at least 1 shareholder.

The information about the company will be necessarily entered the register, and the registration itself can take up to a month. Registering a company in Serbia is possible at any address.

You will need to open a bank account in Serbia. By the way, opening an account in Serbia remotely is quite possible.

If you decide to set up a company in Serbia on a turnkey basis, first decide how you are going to do it. Of course, you can independently come to the country, go through about 14 procedures in person in a couple of months, and, perhaps, you can open an enterprise in Serbia.

You will save money, the energy and time by contacting IQD Consulting experts for a help.

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