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Sierra Leone

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Registering a company in Sierra Leone in 2020

Benefits of starting a business in Sierra Leone:

  • Stable economic growth;
  • 100% foreign ownership;
  • The availability of many DTA agreements;
  • Business incentives for foreign investors;
  •  No customs duties on export trade with the United States;
  • It is possible to open a company remotely.

Business registration – from €8,500

Company registration period – from 3 weeks

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Sierra Leone (Salone) is a small independent country located on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean in Southern Africa.

When planning to register a company in Sierra Leone and open an account with an African bank, please pay attention to the following:

  • Sierra Leone is a member of the ECOWAS, MRU, AU, ADB and OIC;
  • Capital: Freetown;
  • Largest city: Bo;
  • State language: English;
  • It borders with 2 countries: Guinea and Liberia;
  • Currency is leone (SLL);
  • Country has a large number of trade agreements with other states and duty-free access to larger markets of USA and Europe;
  • Government grants for investments in tourism sector.

In order to learn more about this jurisdiction, you can ask for individual advice on business organization process in Sierra Leone from IQ Decision experts.

Best uses for a Sierra Leone company

If you want to establish a company in Sierra Leone, then we propose you to consider these promising options:

  1. Setting up a mining company in Sierra Leone (diamonds, large deposits of gold, rutile, bauxite and titanium);
  2. Registering an agricultural company in Sierra Leone (rice);
  3. Opening a Sierra Leone transport company.
Legal forms and tax treatment

In order to set up a company in Sierra Leone and open a Sierra Leone bank account, take a closer look at the following business entity types:

  • LLC;
  • PLC;
  • SEZ company;
  • Mining company;
  • Tourism company;
  • Branch;
  • RO.

Legal form

Corporate tax

Sales tax

Share capital







11 300 USD

SEZ company

0% for 3 years, 30% thereafter


Mining company



Tourism company

0% for 5 years, 30% thereafter





Registration requirements

If you decide to open a business in Sierra Leone, then you will need to fulfill these conditions:

  1. Two shareholders and directors of any nationality;
  2. Local physical office;
  3. Annual financial statements.

There are no requirements for audit and local secretary. In addition, you have an opportunity to set up a company in Sierra Leone remotely and open an account for a Sierra Leone company without a personal visit.

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In order to register a Sierra Leone company, we propose you to take a closer look at the following banks:

  • Standard Chartered Bank;
  • Zenith Bank;
  • AccessBank;
  • ProCredit bank;
  • Rokel Commercial Bank
  • Sierra Leone Commercial Bank.

For more information, you can request for personal advice on company registration procedure in Sierra Leone from IQ Decision lawyers.

Also, we can provide you with a legal assistance in Sierra Leone corporate bank account and local office registration.

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