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Свободные экономические зоны Абу-Даби

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Registering a company in Twofour54 Abu-Dhabi in 2020

Creating a business in the free zone of Abu Dhabi – Twofour54 has many advantages and the main of them are:

  • A favorable environment for the establishment of media companies;
  • Special offer for novice entrepreneurs interested in launching startups;
  • No income tax; 
  • 100% repatriation of capital;
  • 4 types of licenses;
  • 100% foreign ownership is allowed;
  • A relatively fast registration process.

Business registration – from €5,100

Company registration period – from 30 days

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Twofour54 is located next to the Khalifa Park Area in Abu Dhabi. Twofour54 is known as a fast-growing media center located in the "heart" of one of the world's media regions. To start a business in Twofour54 in the media industry is promising, especially today, when new technologies are actively developing around the world. This Free Zone attracts the attention of foreign entrepreneurs through simplified licensing and 100% ownership of the organization in a reliable environment. The main goal of the Twofour54 FZ is to improve the entertainment sector in the UAE, which, in turn, will enable Abu Dhabi to become a center of advanced technologies in all media areas (movies, music, games, publications, etc.).

You can establish a company in Media Zone in the following legal forms:

  • The LLC "Free Zone". This legal form acts as an independent legal entity.
  • A branch. You can register a regional organization in Free Zone or a foreign one.
  • A freelance. It is allows you to work as an independent media professional in the Twofour54 entertainment center.
To start startups in Media Zone

Startup projects are typical for beginning entrepreneurs, whose activities are focused on content projects. Such projects include a mobile, online, a production of audio/video content for a television, the Internet, and a cinema.

The entrepreneurship in this direction creates creative communities, whose main goal is to set up a partnership in UAE in all areas of activity in 3 main areas: tadreeb - the Academy of Education; ibtikar - the modernization and the leadership; and intai - the creation of centers of the art production.

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Startup projects are developed under the strict guidance of tawasol, a business assistant, who helps businesses and individuals to organize the entrepreneurship in Twofour54 FZ.

It is beneficial to register agencies in the Media Zone in terms of the proposed advantages for investors:
  • 100% ownership of a foreign investor;
  • there is no taxes;
  • renewed income;
  • no import fees;
  • no duties on private income;
  • 30% of financial assistance comes from television shows and films of international importance.
Types of licenses to set up companies in Twofour54 FZ
  • A distribution license;
  • A broadcasting;
  • Print media;
  • An Internet, a Radio and other media;

Foreign investors can obtain licenses in the Media Zone through a simplified process. In this FZ people, who hire foreign citizens are exempted from insurance premiums, when applying for a work visa.

Qualified lawyers of IQ Decision will assist and support you, if you have a desire to register a firm in Media FZ, to open an account in the UAE. Sign up for a consultation on the contacts listed on the site.

The information outlined in the article is actual at the time of its publication. Please refer to our specialists for checking possible solutions for your business.

Свободные экономические зоны Абу-Даби

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