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Registering a company in Vanuatu in 2020

Benefits of doing business in this jurisdiction are:

  • A developing economy;
  • It is possible to minimize taxes;
  • No currency control;
  • A high level of confidentiality;
  • The ability to register a business without a personal presence.

A business registration costs from 2100 €

A company registration period is from 14 days

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Vanuatu (full name is the Republic of Vanuatu) is a country, located in Melanesia. Nearest neighboring states are: Australia, Solomon Islands, Fiji and New Caledonia. The capital of Vanuatu is Port Vila. Official languages are English and French. A currency is a cotton wool. The main economic sectors are: the agriculture, a tourism, an industry. A particular attention is paid to a foreign investment. The state authorities created favorable conditions for conducting an international business: registering a company in Vanuatu or opening an account in the Republic of Vanuatu is quite quick and profitable. Lawyers of our company will help to deal with the nuances of doing business in this jurisdiction and will provide a support.

Benefits of registering a company in Vanuatu

Among the main advantages, due to which foreign businessmen choose to set up a company in Vanuatu:

  • lack of taxation for a company, that does not conduct a business and does not receive an income in the territory of the state;
  • foreign companies can conduct any activity, that is permitted by law;
  • lack of a currency control;
  • the access to the information about controlling persons only by court order;
  • there are no requirements for the place of holding shareholders' meetings (this can be any country).
What you need to establish a commercial company in Vanuatu?

Our experts have a vast experience in the design and the maintenance of foreign companies. We will advise in detail on how to register an offshore company in Vanuatu and what is needed for this.

Previously needed:
  • Documents of beneficiaries, directors, shareholders, that will prove their identity and confirm their place of residence;
  • A company Charter;
  • A description of the structure and activities of the company;
  • A type of company: the most popular for foreign entrepreneurs is International Company;
  • The authorized capital (estimated) is US $10,000 (for the International Company the term “an authorized capital” does not apply);
  • A local agent availability is required;
  • A legal address in Vanuatu is required;
  • A number of shareholders is one (min);
  • A number of directors is one (min);
  • An annual state duty for International Company is $300;
  • A registration state duty is $150.
A validity of all the above conditions for International company is 20 years.

Restrictions in the name: if you decide to order the service “company registration in Vanuatu”, you should know, that according to the laws of the state, words “fund insurance”, “finance”, “bank” cannot be used. For this you need to get special permission in Vanuatu.

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Can I register a company in Vanuatu remotely?

Such an opportunity for our customers really exists. We will help you to register an offshore in Vanuatu remotely within 10 days.

How quickly to set up an enterprise in Vanuatu?

Thus, having decided to open a commercial firm on a turnkey basis in Vanuatu and to open a corporate account in the Republic of Vanuatu, use the services of qualified IQ Decision lawyers, that will solve the task quickly and efficiently. In addition, if you are engaged in brokerage, you can obtain a Forex license for Vanuatu - this is the most advantageous offer in this area today. The registered capital, which is required to register Forex companies in Vanuatu, is $48,000.

We help to start business in various jurisdictions around the world, which will be the most convenient and interesting for our customers.

Interested in registering a company in Vanuatu - contact us at the contacts, that are available on our website. You will be able to clarify all the details by phone or in a personal meeting with our specialists.

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