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Bilderlings Pay (Великобритания)

Ordering of legal support services in bank account opening

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Britain is a prestigious jurisdiction for opening a corporate account, opening a personal account remotely and opening an account for cryptocurrency activities (open an account for ICO).

In terms of GDP, UK ranks 3rd among the G7 countries. On the world market, it has established itself as a jurisdiction with high requirements for institutions providing payment services, what in practice has led to the emergence of high-quality and reliable service in this area.

In order to use online banking services with British requisites we recommend you to draw your attention to Bilderlings Pay and open a UK account.

Additional advantages of Bilderlings Pay

Those who would like to open an account in Bilderlings Pay, we recommend considering the following benefits of this payment system:

  • Obtaining an escrow account (It is used as a guarantee account while conducting transactions, is available to both legal entities and individuals and does not have amount limitations);
  • Activation of internet acquiring (With its help companies can allow their customers to pay by their cards online);
  • Activation of merchant acquiring;
  • Opening a merchant account in the UK;
  • Multicurrency payments;
  • Currency conversion (allows you to send payments in the world major currencies);
  • Payments without conversion in more than 16 currencies (GBP, CHF, HKD, EUR, USD, JPY etc.);
  • Mobile banking;
  • Payment templates.

Bilderlings Pay is a licensed institution that operates under the FCA license No. 900637.

Through this online banking service you have an opportunity to obtain a personal account in the UK or to open a corporate account in the UK promptly.

You can open an account in Bilderlings Pay, regardless of whether you reside in the European Union or reside outside it. The payment system offers separate tariffs for EU residents and non-EU residents, while EU residents (both individuals and legal entities) can open accounts and use services at lower rates.

Tariffs for a EU non-resident

Due to the fact that the most frequent request is to open a corporate account for a company in Britain for a non-resident of the EU, we present you the following tariffs:

  • The system commission for opening an account for offshore companies, United States companies and companies with high-risk activities (upon confirmation of real activities): from 2,000 EUR;
  • Maintenance: from 200 EUR/month (if the company is offshore or conducting high-risk activities, then the cost is determined individually).
Tariffs for international business:
  • Incoming payments: no commission;
  • Outgoing payments:
    • Transfers in EUR within the EEA: up to 50 000 EUR – 45 EUR. From 50 000 EUR to 300 000 EUR – 65 EUR. From 300 000 EUR – 100 EUR;
    • Transfers in EUR, USD outside the EEA (non-SEPA): up to 50 000 EUR – 75 EUR - 100 EUR. From 50 000 EUR – 90 - 150 EUR;
    • Transfers in GBP: 20-30 EUR, express 80 EUR
    • Transgers in RUR: up to 50 000 EUR – 75 EUR. From 50 000 EUR – 90 EUR;
  • Conversion Fee: 0.5%.
  • Corporate card fees:
    Card issuing - 50 EUR;
    Monthly fee - 10 EUR;
    Cash withdrawal - 2%.
Service list of the Bilderlings Pay:
  • An Open API – service used for automatization of all the processes (integration of a current account with services, systems and company business processes);
  • Opening an account remotely;
  • Personal IBAN;
  • Commodity trade finance and corporate finance services;
  • More than 23 currencies for online payments;
  • Obtaining a Mastercard Bilderlings Business – a contactless payment card for business and beneficiary;
  • International CHAPS, SWIFT, FPS and SEPA payments.

If you want to open a corporate account in Bilderlings Pay and open an account for a EU non-resident, IQD Consulting provides you with the opportunity to open an account as soon as possible and avoid the most common difficulties by using legal support services.

How to open an account in European Union?

We are official agents of Bilderlings Pay. With our help, you can open an account in England and obtain the British requisites for transfers via SEPA system. For more information on opening a personal UK account in Bilderlings Pay, please contact IQD Consulting experts.

The time frame for consideration of an account opening application with our help: 1-2 days.

The information outlined in the article is actual at the time of its publication. Please contact our specialists to consider possible solutions for your business.

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