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Many entrepreneurs who seek to register a business in the UK decide to open a corporate account with DynaPay.

DynaPay (Dynamic Payments) is an E-Money Institution with a full license issued by the UK financial regulator (FCA).

Those who are intended to open an account with DynaPay, the payment institution offers a wide range of smart financial technology solutions for conducting international business.

In order to get more information, we propose you to ask for legal advice on opening an account in DynaPay from IQ Decision specialists.

Advantages of DynaPay

If you want to open a business account with DynaPay remotely, then please familiarize yourself with the following information:

  • The payment institution was established in 2017;
  • Head office in London, UK;
  • Companies can open a merchant account with DynaPay;
  • Range of services: settlement accounts for individuals, settlement accounts for corporate clients, backend solution through Open API.

Those who decide to open an account with DynaPay without a personal visit will enjoy the following benefits:

  1. Obtaining an individual IBAN;
  2. Access to White Label solutions through the Open API;
  3. Implementation of SEPA and TARGET2 transfers;
  4. The ability to open an account in the name of a company for various types of activities in the UK.
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If you are interested in opening an account with DynaPay, then we propose you to consider the tariffication conditions for EU residents/EU non-residents:

  • Outgoing transactions in SEPA – 10 EUR/15 EUR;
  • Outgoing transactions in TARGET2 – 15 EUR/30 EUR;
  • Incoming transactions – 0 EUR;
  • Account maintenance fee – 50 EUR/100 EUR.

To find out more, we recommend that you request for personal advice on opening accounts with DynaPay from IQ Decision experts.

Additional requirements

In order to open an account for a company with the DynaPay payment system, you will need to pay an official fee to the institution for conducting Due Diligence:

  • Residents of the EU * – 200 EUR;
  • Non-residents of the EU * – 500 EUR.
IQ Decision services

If you want to open an account with DynaPay remotely, then pay attention to the following information:

  • Legal support in opening a corporate account with DynaPay: 1 700 EUR (taking into account the commission of a financial institution specified above);
  • The terms for approval of the application by the payment institution: within 72 hours (from the moment of submitting a complete package of documents).

You can receive individual advice on opening an account in the UK payment system by calling IQ Decision specialists. To order our services, please use the contacts listed below.

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  • Please refer to our specialists for checking possible solutions for your business.

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