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Opening an account for a company in Q-Pay is considered a promising solution among entrepreneurs, who decided to establish a business in the Czech Republic.

Q-Pay is a Czech licensed payment institution, that provides high-quality financial services to all types of businesses, as well as individuals. This payment system acts as a modern Internet solution, designed to replace the physical branches, that are a part of the traditional banking offer.

To find out the details, we advise you to contact IQD Consulting experts and ask for professional advice on opening a corporate account in the payment system in the Czech Republic.

Benefits of the payment system

When planning to open an account in Q-Pay, pay attention to the following information:

  • A license obtained in 2017;
  • A main office is in Prague;
  • A range of services: opening multi currency accounts, conducting currency exchange operations, SEPA payments, SWIFT payments, IBAN accounts;
  • Opening an account in the Q-Pay payment system is possible in USD, CZK, EUR and more than 17 currencies of the world;
  • A staff speaks 3 languages ​​(Czech, English and Russian);
  • It is possible to open a corporate account in Q-Pay remotely, without a personal visit to Prague, if a client can visit Kiev or Moscow to have interview with a local representative.

To open an account in a Czech payment institution (Q-Pay), first check out the tariffs:

  • Monthly account maintenance fee is from 150 to 250 EUR, depending on the required package;
  • Incoming SEPA payments are 0,2% (min 20 EUR, max 100 EUR);
  • Outgoing SEPA payments are 150 EUR;
  • Incoming SWIFT payments (OUR) are 0,2% (min 100 EUR, max 250 EUR);
  • Outgoing SWIFT payments (OUR) are 450 EUR;
  • A confirmation of SWIFT is 30 EUR.
What else to consider?

Those, who want to open an account in Q-Pay remotely must know the following:

  • A payment system opens accounts for various types of companies, including companies with high-risk activities;
  • There are no restrictions on jurisdictions;
  • It is possible to use such services as: SEPA, SEPA + SWIFT (without USD or with USD).
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To get more detailed information, we ordering personal advice on opening an account in the Czech payment system.

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