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With the help of competent IQ Decision lawyers, you can open an account with Vialet remotely. The company operates on the basis of a financial license obtained in Lithuania. For entrepreneurs, who are focused on conducting international business, this solution has many advantages. Both individuals and legal entities can open an account with Vialet, if they are not residents of classic offshore jurisdictions.

If you decide to open a corporate account in the Vialet payments system, you can: 

  • to use an electronic wallet;
  • to make a currency exchange;
  • to make money transfers.
Customer support at Vialet is available in Russian and English

The lawyers of our company will help you to arrange a corporate account in Vialet payment system. This means, that you will get even more features:

  • quick, simplified calculation process via the Internet;
  • high level of confidentiality;
  • low fees for international transfers.

In addition to all this, you can to manage your corporate account remotely and around the clock. Internet banking is an important tool in the conducting international business.

Among the benefits, that will receive those, who wish to register a corporate account with Vialet, are the fact that the bank accepts funds from the “fallen” Latvian banks.

Open an account in vialet. Required documents:
  • The set of company documents under the apostille.
  • A photo of the beneficiary with a passport in hand, a scan of a passport.
  • An extract from the company account (if the company previously had an account) or an extract from the beneficiary's personal account (to confirm solvency, if the company is new).
  • The scheme of company ownership (you can draw by hand and scan), as well as the scheme of mutual settlements between partners (real owners of the company).
  • Signed application form (signature, name, date) on each page of the application. The questionnaire can be filled out either in Russian or in English (we provide).

A few days after the submission of a full package of documents, you will receive a unique IBAN and will be able to make transfers.

You can open an account with Vialet both for partnership and for a company registered in Cyprus.

The rates of a Vialet payment system for corporate clients: 
  • The system withdraws the amount of 1000 Euro from the first payment after opening a corporate account;
  • An account maintenance - 60 Euro per month;
  • The cost of outgoing payment SEPA - 20 - 60 Euro, depands on payment volume;
  • Payments within the system are free of charge.
  • SWIFT Outgoing payment / amount (EUR)

up to 1000 - € 40

up to 30,000 - € 50

up to 50,000 - € 60

up to 100,000 € - € 70

over 100,000 - € 100

  • SWIFT Incoming payment (EUR) - € 2
  • SWIFT Incoming / Outgoing payment (USD, GBP, other currenсies) - can be discussed

Customers, who decide to open an account in the Vialet payment system, receive the possibility of transfers via the SEPA system. The currency of payments is the euro. SEPA covers more than 30 European countries, and it includes other states, that are not part of the EU.

How to open an account in the Lithuanian payment system Vialet

In order to learn more details about Vialet payment system or to get information about other payment systems - contact our company specialists. Thanks to constant monitoring of the situation around the world, as well as established contacts and extensive experience, we will help you to open an account for the company in Vialet remotely, without traveling to the office from anywhere in the world. This meets modern business requirements, as it saves time and money - and this is what any successful entrepreneur appreciates.

We will help you to open a bank account in various jurisdictions, to open an account in a payment system quickly, or to register a non-resident company in your country of priority.

Do you want to open an account in the payment system?

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