An existing company in Vanuatu with the Financial Dealers License + MT5 + website + customer base

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Vanuatu is one of those jurisdictions where entrepreneurs can obtain a dealer license on fairly simple terms.

The financial enterprises operating within Vanuatu are regulated by the Vanuatu Financial Services Commission (VFSC).

The main reason why you might want to buy an existing company with the Financial Dealers License in Vanuatu is the ability to start operations with existing business as soon as possible.

About the company

The acquisition of an existing company with a dealer's license in Vanuatu includes:

  • MetaTrader 5 license for working with a multi-market trading platform;
  • The license for trading in securities for carrying out operations with securities, including stocks, bonds, options, etc.;
  • Company's website;
  • The customer base of the company;
  • Chinese company for marketing activities.

One of the advantages of buying an existing company with a license for trading securities in Vanuatu is the presence of a history and good reputation of the business (with 2 years plus operation on the market).

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About the license

The acquisition of an existing enterprise with a dealer's license in Vanuatu may be the right decision, owing to:

  1. The wide functionality of the MetaTrader 5 platform (the ability to conduct trading activities on stock exchanges and the Forex market simultaneously, as well as trading futures);

  2. Availability of a customer base that has passed the AML/CFT compliance test;

  3. A relatively fast and simple process of registering a business in the name of a new owner.

The price of buying an existing company with a Financial Dealers License: 445 000 EUR

To learn more about the offer, you can ask for individual advice on business acquisition in Vanuatu from IQ Decision experts.

Also, you can request for legal support services in buying an existing company with a dealer license in Vanuatu by using the contacts listed below.

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