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An existing company with a Broker Dealer License/Market Maker License in the Bahamas

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Forex activity is rather a popular business line in the Bahamas.

The main regulator responsible for granting a license for trading in securities in the Bahamas is the Securities Commission of the Bahamas (SCB), that controls the activities of all local financial companies.

The acquisition of an existing company with a Broker Dealer License in the Bahamas will allow you to start working immediately.

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About the license

In order to buy an existing company with a license for broker-dealer activities in the Bahamas, please familiarize yourself with the following advantages of the offer:

  • Availability of a dealer license allows you to trade with securities;
  • The acquisition of an existing company with the Market Maker license in the Bahamas will significantly expand the range of business activities and include in the list of services:
  1. Order fulfillment on behalf of customers, personal accounts management and various currency operations;

  2. Consulting services;

  3. Loans and lending services;

  4. Drawing up financial contracts for difference (CFDs).

  • The decision to buy an existing company with a dealer license in the Bahamas can be considered as profitable due to:

  1. No infringements in the business practice of a company;

  2. The presence of an employee responsible for compliance with regulatory requirements of the company, as well as the CEO (chief executive officer) who have the right to work in the territory of islands;

  3. A relatively short period of registering a business in the name of a new owner.

The price of buying an existing company with a Broker Dealer License in the Bahamas: 890,000 EUR

IQ Decision specialists are ready to provide legal assistance in the process of buying an existing company with a Market Maker license in the Bahamas.

You can order legal services, as well as ask for advice on acquiring a business in the Bahamas using the contacts listed below.

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