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Ready-made company in Czech Republic with a corporate bank account in Fio Banka

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Nowadays international business requires flexibility. Since one of the most interesting jurisdictions for conducting business in Europe is the Czech Republic, we suggest you consider the option of buying a ready-made company in the Czech Republic with a corporate bank account.

Purchasing a ready-made company in Czech Republic with a corporate bank account in Fio Banka is a cost-effective solution in light of the constant changes in European markets.

Key features of the company:

  • Date of Incorporation – 13th of October 2017;
  • Type of a company – S.R.O;
  • Turnover in 2018 – 31 000 Eur (800 000 Czech crowns);
  • Valid corporate bank account in Fio Banka;
  • VAT;
  • Re-registration is required;
  • Price – 12 000 Eur;
  • In case of purchasing the ready-made company we also recommend you to find out more about the advantages of Fio Banka;
  • Dynamically developing bank, which is a member of a Fio financial group;
  • Fio Banka has been considered a quite loyal among European financial institutions for a long time as to opening and maintain corporate bank accounts for legal entities;
  • Low fees for bank transactions;
  • Receipt of transfers in such currencies as Euro, GBP, USD, Rubles, CHF;
  • No commission for account maintenance;
  • Transfers in EUR/USD outside of Czech Republic – 7 Eur.

Please take into account the following when purchasing the ready-made company in Czech Republic with a corporate bank account:

  • The company has no debts and the owner is ready to provide all supporting certificates;
  • It is possible to re-register the company both to the resident and to a non-resident of the Czech Republic (we suggest the first option in order to save the bank account).
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