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Existing company in Switzerland + account in the Credit Suisse

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Buying an existing company in Switzerland with an account

Benefits of acquiring an existing company in Switzerland:

  • One of the most respectable jurisdictions in the world;
  • A company incorporated more than 9 years ago;
  • There is an active account in one of the largest local banks;
  • Relatively fast and simple process of registering a business in the name of a purchaser.

Buying an existing business –  € 24,900

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Buying an existing business in Switzerland with accounts in a Swiss bank provides the buyer with the opportunity to start conducting international activities in short terms. Since, registering a company in Switzerland and further corporate account opening in a Swiss bank takes much longer than registering an existing business in the name of a new owner.

About the existing company in Switzerland:
  • Year of incorporation: 2011;
  • Swiss bank account: Credit Suisse;
  • Company location: Switzerland;
  • Share capital: 100 000 CHF;

It is possible to change the name of the organization. Changing the name of a legal entity will cost Eur 525.

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What are the benefits of buying an existing company in Switzerland

There are many reasons why it is more profitable to buy an existing company in Switzerland rather than register a new legal entity. Here are some of them:

  1. You want to start your business immediately and, therefore, do not waste time on paperwork;
  2. You want to create a new business line and you need an existing company with an active corporate account;
  3. You plan to participate in the tender or auction (devoted to order fulfillment, assets purchases, etc.), and you need a legal entity urgently;
  4. You want to create and develop your own business abroad, and you are interested in existing foreign companies;
  5. Your business is closely connected with business relationships with foreign partners and you want to buy an existing foreign company.

The price of an existing company in Switzerland + active corporate account + local director service: 24 900 Eur.

A price includes:

  • ready-made company;
  • accesses to Credit Suisse account;
  • local director and local shareholder service for 1 year.

Please, contact IQ Decision lawyers if, you are interested in buying an existing Swiss company with a corporate account in a Swiss bank.

Our experts can provide you with comprehensive legal support services in existing business acquisition in Switzerland.

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