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Spain is one of the most interesting jurisdictions for doing business. This jurisdiction is located in Europe, and at the same time provides the opportunity to conduct business activities around the world.

Spanish banks are globally recognized, so opening an account for a company in Spain is a profitable business solution.

At the moment, we suggest you consider the possibility of buying companies with bank accounts in Spain, as an option to buy an existing business without requirements on its registration for a new owner.

Today we are ready to offer you such solutions as:
  • Buy an existing company in Spain with an account in the Sabadell Bank, Spain. Details:
    • The company was registered in 2011;
    • The type of activity: sale of electric cars, automobiles;
    • The price is EUR 24,900.
  • Buy an existing company in Spain with an account in the InterBank, Spain. Details:
    • The company was registered in 2006;
    • Type of activity: services for yachts;
    • The price is EUR 25,900.
  • Buy an existing company in the UK with an account in the BBVA, Spain. Details:
    • The company was registered in 2016;
    • The type of activity: suppliers of alternative energy;
    • The price is EUR 23,900.

The director and shareholder in the above companies is a resident of Spain, who provides the buyer with a trust declaration and transfers access to accounts.

Process of registering an existing company in the name of a buyer:
  • Signing a non-disclosure agreement, filling out the KYC form (we provide it), as well as providing documents to the buyer of the company for further verification.
  • Registration of a trust declaration and sending access to the buyer's address.
  • The access can be provided within 7-10 business days.

You can find a large number of existing companies that are waiting for their new owner on our site. We are constantly updating the list for you, and notify you of their availability. You can get in touch with us using the contacts specified on the website and acquire an existing company with an active account remotely.

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Details of the above financial institutions:

Banco de Sabadell

  1. Fifth largest bank in Spain with headquarters in Alicante;
  2. The Bank provides its services to customers in 2,800 branches located in Spain and outside its territory;
  3. Banco de Sabadell customers include more than 11.4 million people;
  4. The interface of the bank is presented in 7 languages, which offers the opportunity for a non-resident to use the services of a client bank.

InterBank, Spain

  1. The institution was established in 1935 as an industrial bank;
  2. The main office of the bank is located in Madrid;
  3. In 2019, Inter Bank received an award as the best bank for corporate business in Spain;
  4. The financial institution offers a separate customer service line in English.

BBVA, Spain

  1. The Bank provides favorable conditions for account management to its customers, including the ability to sign documents electronically;
  2. The main principles of this financial institution are to keep pace with the times (the bank is doing everything possible to be the first to introduce innovations in the country), as well as transparency for the client (the bank displays all the information about its activities on its website).
  3. The bank's website is presented in 5 languages ​​for convenient usage.
We are ready to provide you with comprehensive support for your business activities in Spain and abroad. You can learn more details from our specialists by asking for legal advice on buying an existing company with a Spanish bank account.
  • The information outlined in the article is actual at the time of its publication.

  • Please refer to our specialists for checking possible solutions for your business.

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