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A ready-made business in Serbia

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Opening a foreign company in Serbia is quite profitable due to the low level of bureaucracy and no raider attacks. With our help, you can buy a ready-made business in Serbia with a bank account and start conducting international business.

A ready-made Serbian business is a good option for many entrepreneurs, who want to bring their business to the international level. Having made the decision to buy a ready-made business in Serbia, you will acquire the company already with a package of documents for it. An important issue is a taxation for an entrepreneur, who wants to buy a Serbian ready-made company. Check out main tax rates in the Republic of Serbia.

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Serbian taxation:
  • a VAT is 20%, but a reduction in the rate of preferential 10% is possible;
  • a corporate tax is 15%;
  • a travel tax is 14%.

If you decide to buy a company in Serbia with a bank account, you can do it with the help of our competent lawyers. The cost of the company will be 4900 € with all expenses. All documentation compiled by the notary public of Serbia. The price also includes registering a new owner in the register of enterprises. Registered companies in Serbia need to maintain an accounting report.

An open account for a local company in Serbia is provided at Raiffeisen banka Srbije. Raiffeisen Banka is the largest banking institution, operating in Serbia since 2001. For the first few months, a company does not pay a monthly service fee to a bank. The initial bank deposit must be at least 6 €. You can familiarize yourself with a bank's tariff plan on our website. It is possible to open an account with Raiffeisen Banka in Serbia in USD or EUR.

The cost of providing accounting services, if you decide to buy a ready-made enterprise in Serbia through our services, will be 60 € per month. The monthly rental price is 45 €.

This ready-made business is engaged in import and export activities, but if the new owner wants to register another activity as the main business activity, it can also be included in the above price (a registration of new business activity + a tax in the Business Register for changing Business activity).

IQ Decision lawyers will assist in buying a ready-made company in Serbia. Please, contact us in any convenient way for feedback.

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