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If you are looking for a profitable solution for opening an international business in 2019, but do not want to spend a lot of time on conducting registration processes (launching a business from scratch), then we are ready to make you an exclusive offer – to buy an existing company in Germany with an opened account in Sparkasse Bank.

About the company

Buying an existing company in Germany will be an excellent opportunity to enter European markets and gain access to multi-million consumer bases promptly. We suggest you to consider carefully the key features of this company:

  • Date of registration: 2012;
  • Company type: Limited Liability Company (GmbH);
  • Type of activity: trade;
  • Contributed capital: 25 000 EUR (was used in the process of conducting business activities);
  • Available accounts: an opened business account in Sparkasse Bank (Germany);
  • Terms of reissuing of the documents: 2 weeks (to save the account we recommend registering a business on the EU resident).

We draw your attention to the fact that such a legal form as GmbH is one of the highest priorities in Germany

If you want to buy an existing German company with a corporate account remotely, then you will find such advantages as:

  • A simple procedure of registering a business on a new owner;
  • The ability to start working in the shortest possible time;
  • The convenient and understandable conditions of company management.
About the bank

Buying an existing German company with an account in Sparkasse Bank is a chance to acquire an operating business on favorable terms in one of the most progressive European countries.

If you want to buy an existing company in Germany remotely, we recommend you to take a look at the main advantages of the bank:

  • First class service;
  • The assurance of data confidentiality;
  • Opening accounts for private and corporate clients (savings and settlement accounts);
  • The provision of services for investment, lending, insurance, as well as inheritance of bank accounts and valuable property;
  • Issuance of debit and credit cards;
  • Purchase/sale of real estate and cars;
  • Providing brokerage services;
  • Making payments through SEPA;
  • The ability to make cashless payments using NFC;
  • Providing consulting services on the topic of private financial planning;
  • Remote account management;
  • Round-the-clock access to your personal account and a number of banking services through mobile and Internet banking.

Sparkasse Bank is one of the largest fully operational, as well as the most reliable banks in the Federal Republic, providing a wide range of banking services to both individuals and legal entities.

If you are intended to buy an existing German company, then this offer can be called more than promising.

Conditions of business re-registration

If you are interested in buying an existing company with an account in a German bank, you should prepare the following package of documents:

  • Passport of the beneficiary;
  • A bank statement in English with a wet stamp to confirm the residential address (as an alternative, a utility bill in English).

Registering a business on a new owner can be carried out remotely. To reissue the bank account you will need to undertake a personal visit to Sparkasse Bank.

The purchase price of an existing company in Germany: 18 900 EUR

If you decide to buy an existing company with an account in Sparkasse Bank or to register a company in Germany, then IQ Decision specialists will help you to resolve this issue as quickly as possible.

We will give you detailed advice on the specifics of the business climate in Germany, help you to open a corporate account in a German bank, obtain a business license and prepare the necessary documents.

The information outlined in the article is actual at the time of its publication. Please refer to our specialists for checking possible solutions for your business.

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