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Existing Hong Kong company + account in HSBC for sale

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36000 Buy

Existing company in Hong Kong with opened account in HSBC and a full nominal service!

About the company

For those, who are planning to conduct a profitable business abroad, we offer an interesting up-to-date solution – to buy an existing Hong Kong company. The main features of the company are the following:

  • Date of registration: 2014;
  • Company type: Limited Liability Company (Ltd);
  • Type of activity: general trade;
  • Share capital: 1 HKD;
  • Available accounts: an opened account in HSBC (since 2015);
  • Companyꞌs history: in 2015 the company had undertaken significant activities with a turnover of $ 1 million per year. Now the company carries out transactions only to maintain the account;
  • All reports are submitted in a timely manner. Our specialists are ready to provide the confirmation.
About the bank

If you are interested in buying an existing company in Hong Kong with opened account in HSBC, we propose you to take a look at the main features of this Chinese bank:

  • HSBC is one of the largest and most prestigious banks in the region (with a 150 years plus operation);
  • The bank has more than 50 branches in different countries;
  • The corporate account in HSBC may be opened in RMB, USD, EUR and other currencies.

Opening an account in Hong Kong bank is a difficult and costly process. Buying an existing company in Hong Kong with opened corporate account in HSBC will take less time and make you the owner of an operating business with the opportunity for entering Asian markets.

Important notes:

  • Those, who would like to buy an existing company in Hong Kong, should draw up a trust declaration on the future owner by providing a passport, address confirmation and the completed KYC form;
  • Documents are issued by a resident of Singapore;
  • Time to acquire the business: from 7 days!

The purchase price of an existing Hong Kong company: 36 000 EUR

If you decided to buy an existing company in Hong Kong with a full nominal service, then our specialists will help you on every stage of the deal.

Details can be clarified by using the contacts listed below.

The information outlined in the article is relevant to the time of its publication. Please refer to our specialists for checking possible solutions for your business.

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