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The acquisition of an existing business may be more profitable than registering a new company due to time saving.

Since, the UK bank account opening is a rather complicated process for entrepreneurs from CIS countries, a purchase of an existing UK company can provide them with the opportunity to manage an active account in prestigious local banks.

IQ Decision experts propose you to consider 2 attractive options of existing companies in England. For more information, you can request for qualified advice on buying a business in the UK.

Ready-MAde Company. Details

If you intend to buy an existing company in the UK with a corporate account, please take a look at the following:

  • Year of registration: 2017;
  • Active account in one of the UK prestigious online banks - HSBC Bank London;
  • The company can be bought with director services included.

The existing business is already registered in the name of a person - the UK resident, who provides trust declaration and all accesses for a buyer. In this case, you will obtain an existing company with a bank account and legal address for 1 year.

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If you decide to buy an existing UK business with additional services, then you will obtain:

  1. A company with a bank account;
  2. Legal address for 1 year;
  3. Director's services for 1 year;
  4. Authorized bank account signatory;
  5. Trust declaration.
The cost of acquiring an existing UK company with additional services: 28,500 EUR
Documents required for ordering nominee services:
  1. A letter of guarantee;
  2. Trust declaration;
  3. Undated minutes of the meeting of directors;
  4. Undated letter of resignation.
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Finally, it is worth noting that specified companies have no debts, fines or additional liabilities. To save the active account in the UK bank, we recommend that you order nominee services.

To learn more, you can ask for personal advice on acquiring a business in the UK. Also, we can provide you with legal assistance in buying an existing company in England.

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  • Please refer to our specialists for checking possible solutions for your business.

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