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Registering a company in Canada + opening an account in Toronto-Dominion Bank

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Registering a Canadian company and opening a business account in Toronto-Dominion Bank – a comprehensive service and a unique offer from IQ Decision!

Option 1
  • Registering a Partnership in Ontario + opening an account in Canada;
  • Price: 2 190 EUR (company registration); 1 800 EUR (support services in opening an account with visit to Canada); 5 700 EUR (support services in account opening distantly)
  • Registering a company and opening an account in Canada without a personal visit.
Option 2
  • Registering a Corporation in Canada + opening an account in a Canadian bank;
  • Price: 13 600 EUR;
  • You can register your own business in Canada remotely.
Option 3
  • Registering a Branch or Representative Office in Canada + opening an account in Toronto-Dominion Bank;
  • Price: 8 300 EUR;
  • You can register a Branch in Canada and open a corporate account in a bank of Canada remotely.
  • An important nuance: it is possible to open an account only in the name of Canadian companies registered or re-registered by us, as we are liable to the bank for the purity of customer history.
The cost of registering a Canadian company and opening a corporate account in a bank of Canada includes:
  • The package of companyꞌs statutory documents;
  • Preparation and processing of documents for opening an account on a company in Canada;
  • Support services in opening an account in Toronto-Dominion Bank;
  • Document delivery to the beneficiary.
Additional options
  1. Documents legalization for other states: from 350 EUR;
  2. Virtual office in Canada: 850 EUR per year;
  3. Providing a registered office in Canada: 670 EUR per year (from next year);
  4. Nominee services (partner or director): 850 EUR per year (for each of them);
  5. Accounting business support in Canada: from 990 EUR per year;
  6. Annual maintenance of the company: from 1500 EUR;
  7. Tax reporting: from 650 EUR per year.
To set up your own business in Canada you will need to provide us with 2 simple documents:
  1. Notarized copy of a foreign passport;
  2. Bank statement in English with a wet stamp to confirm the residence address.
How to register a company in Canada and open an account in the name of Canadian Partnership?

To order the service, please use the contacts listed below. IQ Decision lawyers will provide you with legal support throughout the registration process.

The information presented in the article is actual at the time of its publication. Please contact our specialists for checking possible solutions for your business.

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