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List of existing companies with opened accounts for sale

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Jurisdiction Company Type Date of registration Available accounts Price
Serbia LTD 01.05.2018 Raiffeisen Banka 6500 EUR
Czech republic s.r.o. 11.07.2017 FIO CZ 6000 EUR
Czech republic Corp 11.04.2017 FIO CZ 9000 EUR
HK Corp 01.10.2016 STPVHK 8150 EUR
HK Corp 01.09.2016 STPVHK 8150 EUR
HK LTD 15.02.2017 STPVHK 6700 EUR
HK LTD 01.07.2017 STPVHK 6700 EUR

Already have a business idea or just planning to open your own business? Then we have a large offer list for those who want to buy existing companies with opened bank accounts. Please, check with our managers for their availability.

To conduct their business in the international arena, the entrepreneurs often prefer to register an offshore company.

The above jurisdictions may become a favorable environment for the further development and prosperity of your business.

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If you are planning to buy an existing business abroad, we recommend you to consider a number of offers mentioned below. By becoming our client, you will have an opportunity to buy an existing company with an opened account.

List of the most prospective jurisdictions

Czech Republic

If you want to conduct your own business in the center of Europe, we propose you to buy an existing company in the Czech Republic with an opened account in FIO Banka.

Hong Kong

Hong Kong is a special administrative region of the Republic of China that can be also called as one of the most prestigious jurisdictions for doing business.

Those, who are planning to buy an existing company in Hong Kong with an opened account, will be able to conduct their business in priority jurisdiction with simplified access to the Chinese market.


Serbia also will be a favorable option for those, who want to open a business in Southeastern Europe. The main advantages of this jurisdiction are: low corporate tax rates (15%) and government interest in attracting foreign capital. That is why we propose you to buy an existing company in Serbia with opened account.


Australia is a country of great opportunities. It ranks 13th in the list of the largest economies in the world. Service industry makes up the bulk of GDP. Also this jurisdiction is very popular among them who want to register or to buy a company for cryptocurrency activities. We propose you to buy a business in Australia with an opened account.

We offer you to buy an offshore company in Dominica. This country located in the Caribbean Sea has signed a double taxation treaties with more than 15 countries, including such countries as the USA, Canada, Great Britain and others.

Costa Rica

Costa Rica is an independent dynamically developing state located in South America. The main benefits of buying an existing company with opened account in Costa Rica are the following:

  • Stable economy;
  • The 2nd place in terms of standards of living among the Central American countries;
  • Favorable conditions for opening a gambling business;
  • Loyal tax regime.


Seychelles is an attractive option for many businessmen who want to buy an offshore.

Buying an existing offshore company in Seychelles with an open account in Europe will be a good idea for conducting an international business and professional lawyers IQ Decision will assist you in this.

Florida (USA)

Florida is the 3rd largest state in the United States, and is also noted for its favorable economic environment. The state offers low corporate taxes, so buying a business in Florida may be a profitable decision.


One of the most common options for registering a company in Scotland is registration of a Limited Partnership. If you decide to buy an LP company in Scotland, we will provide you with our support.


England is not considered as a "tax haven" for offshore companies, because the country has standard tax rates. But if you decide to buy an existing company in England such as LP, you can decrease the tax rate to a minimal. The IQ Decision experts will help you to choose the most appropriate option of acquiring an existing company in England. The uniqueness of the proposal is that with the help of our lawyers you can buy an existing business in England with an opened account.


Need a company in Belize? Contact us for help, and we will provide our support if you are intended to buy an existing company in Belize with an opened account.


Cyprus is one of the largest business centers. This jurisdiction can also be called a young developing offshore zone. Therefore, buying an existing company in Cyprus with an opened account will ensure your business entering of the European arena.

The competent lawyers of IQ Decision will advise you and select the most favorable jurisdiction in connection with your needs, where you can buy existing foreign companies.

We will provide you with legal support at all stages of the acquisition of an enterprise with an opened account. Contact us by using any feedback form and you can buy an existing company with an account promptly.

The information outlined in the article is actual at the time of its publication. Please refer to our specialists for checking possible solutions for your business.

Are you interested in qualified advice from our specialists on this matter?

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