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A unique comprehensive proposal for IQ Decision clients: Canadian LP (Ontario) + Toronto-Dominion Bank account (remotely)

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Canada is one of the most economically developed countries in the world, and is also a member of the G7. The main business advantages of the jurisdiction include strong trade relations with Asian and American countries, as well as a free trade agreement with the United States.

Registering a Canadian LP and opening an account with Toronto-Dominion Bank may be the right decision for creating a business in one of the internationally recognized jurisdictions.

What we offer

When planning a registering of a Canadian partnership, consider the following benefits:

  • Registering an LP in Canada remotely (in Ontario);
  • Opening a corporate account with Toronto-Dominion Bank (one of the largest banks in the country);
  • Preparation of a minimum package of documents;
  • Additional services: company maintenance, registering a legal address, local resident, accounting services, opening a virtual office;
  • No limits on remittances in USD.

*Canadian LPs can be exempt from corporate tax, provided that there is no business activities conducted within the state.

Opening a Toronto-Dominion Bank account

By deciding to register a Canadian LP, you can also open an account with Toronto-Dominion Bank remotely.

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Bank overview:
  • 64 years plus stable operation;
  • One of the 10 most reliable banks according to Global Finance research;
  • Canada's 2nd largest holding company;
  • The bank provides a wide range of services at loyal tariffs.
Package of documents

To register an LP in Canada and open an account with Toronto-Dominion Bank, the following documents will be required:

  • Several options of a company name;
  • Scanned copy of the beneficiary's foreign passport;
  • A certified bank statement in English (not older than 3 months).

If you intend to register Canadian LP remotely, then you can check with our company's specialists for the full package of documents.

IQ Decision Services:
  • Cost of registering a Canadian LP: 2,190 EUR. Estimated registration period: 2 weeks;
  • Legal assistance in opening an account with Toronto-Dominion Bank: remotely – 5,700 EUR (2 weeks), with a personal visit – 2,800 EUR (2 days);
  • Additionally, it is possible to open a personal account with Toronto-Dominion Bank (personal presence required) – 750 EUR (1 day);
  • Registering a virtual office: 850 EUR/year.

For detailed information, we recommend that you ask for legal advice on registering LP in Canada using the contacts listed below.

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  • Please refer to our specialists for checking possible solutions for your business.

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